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Keystone Mission Volunteer Policy

The KM serves a variety of different people in our community. We strive to protect their privacy and their safety as well as the safety of our volunteers. Therefore, the Keystone Mission reserves the right to limit, restrict, and or deny the use of volunteers on its campus based on the following: (1) Criminal history, including sexual offenses; (2) drug possession or
sales, (3) refusal to submit to background check and/or drug screening (if required).

Confidentiality Agreement:
The KM is a Christian ministry endeavoring to assist and unconditionally meet the physical,
emotional and spiritual needs of all people coming for assistance. Those coming to the KM are going through difficult times in their lives. It is important they concentrate on their recovery and not be distracted by outside relationships or situations.
Therefore, volunteers agree they will
1. Give or loan money or property (gifts, tangible items) to guests or accept the same from them.
2. Invite guests to their home or give them a ride in their car.
3. Develop a relationship with a guest that would lead to exchanging phone numbers or addresses. Personal friendships that were not pre-existing are to be avoided.
4. Buy merchandise or services from a guest or sell to a client.
5. Involve themselves in the affairs of a guest’s family or personal problems.

I have read the above and agree to comply with the guidelines as outlined above. Further, as a volunteer of the KM I understand that I must hold information regarding guests in strict confidence. I will not divulge any information about a guest to anyone without the Keystone Missions consent.

Media Release:
For valuable consideration, I hereby give the KM permission to use my picture and I authorize the use and reproduction of it by the KM, or anyone authorized by the KM. This includes any and all photographs which you have taken of me, for any purpose whatsoever, without further compensation to me. All negatives and positives, together with the prints shall constitute the sole property of Keystone Mission.
Guidelines for volunteers:
1) Attire – Dress must be appropriately modest and conservative. For example, no short shorts, no exposed midriff, no low cut blouses, no tight clothing, and no tank tops. Collared shirts preferred for chapel speakers. For your safety, closed toed shoes are required. Also, for your safety, no sandals are permitted.
2) Be safe - Safety is our first priority and needs to be yours as well. Take your time and complete the work
task safely. In volunteering at the Mission, you understand that the Mission, its officers, and employees are
not responsible for any injuries or damage which may result from work done at this site. Please make sure
children in attendance are with a parent or guardian at all times. Children are not to be left unattended.
3) Drug Use - If anyone is found to be intoxicated or using illegal drugs, they will be immediately excused from volunteering.
4) Fraternization – Positive social relationships are important to those we serve, but there are boundaries in
every relationship. Fraternization that is inconsistent with healthy recovery is not permitted with any of our guests or students. Examples include dating, outside social engagements, client visits to your residence. There is to be no loans or gifts of money, no physical contact, or lengthy personal conversations. No transportation of any guest or student in personal vehicles is allowed/permitted unless authorized in writing by mission staff.
5) Smoking – KM is a smoke free building. As a volunteers smoking is prohibited on any and all property. If anyone is found smoking on the property, they will be immediately excused from volunteering.
Statement of Faith

Keystone Mission Statement of Faith:
1. We believe in the eternally existing, personal, triune God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit, who made all things.
2. We believe in the full Deity and manhood of Jesus Christ, in His virgin birth, in His
sinless life, in His miracles, in His vicarious and atoning death through His shed blood, in His bodily resurrection and His ascension to the right hand of the father where He now acts as Mediator and Advocate.
3. We believe in the present ministry of the Holy Spirit whose indwelling in all believers enables them to live Godly lives.
4. We believe that the Holy Bible is a sufficient guide for all men, that it is the inspired Word of God through the activity of the Holy Spirit and that in holy reverence it is our chief authority for living; it is accepted as our final authority and practice.
5.We believe that regeneration by the Holy Spirit is absolutely essential for the salvation of lost and sinful man and that all who receive the Lord Jesus Christ by faith will experience repentance and forgiveness of their sins as they are born again
as children of God.
6.We believe in the spiritual unity of believers in our Lord Jesus Christ and in the necessity of all His followers maintain good works as evidence of faith.
7. We believe that those who accept Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord become members of the living body of Christ and thereby will seek out, join and participate in a local Church through regular worship of God, have fellowship with the brethren and
give dedicated service to all mankind in a sacrificial spirit.
8. We believe that every believer and follower of the Lord Jesus Christ must be responsible for witness by deed and by word, and thereby will be involved in the evangelization of the world, personally and through missionary effort.
9. We believe in disciplined holy living for Jesus that depends upon the inspiration and power given by the Holy Spirit; results in an assurance that our life is now hidden in Jesus Christ; develops a present life of prayer, sacrificial giving and a loving care for
others and draws persons to Christ through godly character and light.
10. We believe in the personal return of our Lord Jesus Christ as the fulfillment and vindication of history, that all men are in need of salvation for this life and the next,
and that some will know the resurrection of life and a heavenly homecoming, while others will know the final separation from God and the Hell of His lost love and


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